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Monday, 28 February 2005



If you would like to know what its like on Avonex, let me know, I'll fill you in. After all, no lumps. My doctor just called me today to tell me my appointment is cancelled. Miracle drug my ass.


I hope you didn't mind me emailing you, but I just wanted to make sure you knew. I knew you were counting on it. :( According to the Board, a lot of doctors and Ty infusion clinics didn't even know yet. Their patients (from the Board) have been faxing the info to their doctor's offices.

I'm not plugging or anything, but I've been on Beta for over a year now. I've never had the flu-like side effect and I only get the occasional pink spot or little bruise. No welts. Nothing else.


I am so sad. My 19-year-old daughter was diagnosed with MS last April. She is one of those unlucky few who developed elevated liver enzymes on the interferons. She was awaiting her fourth dose of Tysabri this Friday. She has finally been feeling well. Now we are back to the Copaxone.

We had change MS to mean Miraculous Strengths. We are searching for some of those today.



NUTZ! I guess my unchanged MRI has been a good thing. Sorry about this Becca.

Donna: Keep up the Strengths.


Well hell, the big post I was going to write about the lemmings all jumping on the Tysabri train and being willing to spend that much money and the dangers of fast-tracking these drugs and so on and so forth isn't going to carry anywhere near the weight it would have before this announcement, eh?

Four years. No drugs. No physical limitations thus far. Keeping fingers crossed!!!


I hope you don't think I'm a lemming. I'm feeling pretty awful today as it is. :(


Of course I don't think you're a lemming Becca! I think you were jumping at the chance that you saw for the next best thing to a cure and doing what you thought best which is why I refrained from writing about the Tysabri situation prior to this announcement.

The whole Tysabri thing has, however, seemed somewhat foolhardy to me from the get go.

Try to be glad that you're still a healthy individual with no physical handicaps. I know that is cold comfort a lot of times but honestly it is the only thing that's actually important :)


First of all, you're not a lemming, Becca. You're keeping the hope alive, which is NOT a bad thing.

That said, I am one of those people who have chosen to not rush into interferons. Right now, most of my symptoms are controlled, and I'm comfortable with waiting. I know it's not a popular stance (I've been called a nut by more than one person), but I feel that at this time, it's the one for me.

Good luck, Becca!


Oh Becca, I thought about you waiting for your call on being approved when I read the news this morning. Hang in there. I'm not on meds and can't relate to your situation, but your posting above really does say it all. I'm thinking about all the MS'ers out there that share so much on their blogs for this situation to come to this.


I thought of you as soon as I saw the new alert the other day. Really pissed me off, not that I want you on a bad drug or anything, just pissed about the situation in general. Thinking of you...

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